Cowpa's Mission

Our mission is to be a force for GOOD…good snacks made from good ingredients that deliver great nutritional value; packaged in reusable and recyclable containers that reduce waste.

Sustainable Snacking

We believe in the importance of snacking. Whether it is first thing in the morning, pre and post workouts, in-between meals, or to avoid a “hangry” child, they provide the fuel we need to keep going. And we believe that in these moments what you reach for should do more than taste good and satisfy hunger, it should be made of clean all-natural components.

Ever look at the nutrition label on many of the leading snack brands lately? Odds are there are more than a dozen ingredients, many are hard to pronounce and cannot be found in a grocery store aisle.

Unfortunately, many of the snack options widely available in stores these days are hyper-processed with chemicals, preservatives, and added sugars, meant to prolong shelf life and artificially enhance flavor. Health studies continue to find that consumption of artificially processed foods leads to inflammation, contributing toward dietary complications and other health effects.

We strive to be the opposite. We want to provide shelf-stable snacks that give the fuel you need and deliver incredible taste and texture made from real ingredients that naturally do this on their own. No artificial flavors, no chemicals.

Good snacks from good ingredients. Simple as that.