About Us

Born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with access to abundant natural beauty, world-class seafood and outdoor activities, I’ve long been passionate about the relationship between food and a healthy and active lifestyle. My father, known as “Cowpa” to our broader family, was a strong influence in developing this passion. A chef and sports enthusiast, he raised me to appreciate the art of making quality food, took me on fishing trips, and was there for every football, basketball and soccer game during my youth. 

In January ‘21 he was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. Over the next 18 months I spent most of my life in Montana supporting him during his battle, the majority of it away from my own family. To stay busy while he rested I frequently tinkered in his kitchen in quest of developing a snack tastier, healthier, and more beneficial than my options at the store; something I could eat day in & day out, and felt good giving my 5 year old when she visited. Not to mention something she willingly ate each morning. 


When my father’s fight against cancer came to an end, I left a 10+ year career in the tech industry to pursue my long-time dream of starting my own food company. I am sharing these snack bites to provide a truly healthy and tasty snack option for everyone, and, to honor my father, Cowpa.